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Well, I’m trying to love you any kind of way
Even if it’s separated from this frontier
Even if it has to be this way
And nothing else will ever work
I’m trying to love you any kind of way
Just because of this strange amity
Don’t you think it impressive?
For us to undergo such radical changes
And mental revolutions
Doing almost everything to alter the emotion
To limit the affection to a bond with
No bothering components
And I’m blowing this butterfly
From the palm of my hand and
Into the grey-blue sky
Well, what was the one phrase in this poem from before?
“She said >my love you look so pale<
He said >the sky’s so grey today<”
And I’m trying to make myself believe
Such a fragile creature’s able to survive
The winter with help of inner warmth
And well,
I’m just trying to love you any kind of way
Just for the sake of our affinity
26.1.08 23:04

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