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Letís stop knowing each other
Letís stop harming each other
Trainspotting isnít the solution
Letís stop knowing each other
Letís stop knowing each other
Keep walking
Keep walking
Itís not like youíre able to run
And searching for the right expression
Wonít succeed in standstill
Cardiac sickness
Disease of heart
Letís have an air crash together
Letís stop knowing each other
Letís stop knowing each other
I donít mean it that way
I just donít know what else to say
Because itís getting even more worse
With every passing day
Letís start fighting and beat up each other
In such situation right words
Come out naturally
Right movements will do their best
Confusion stops
If just for a moment
After a heart attack you either die immediately
Or get better
And get a perspective of life you never had before
A clarity of mind you wasnít able to achieve
Before you exhausted yourself to near-death
Letís get ourselves to a near-death experience
Letís stop knowing each other
Because Iím afraid Iíll hate you
To the same degree I like you
22.3.08 14:14

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